iPhone4S announced

So the iPhone4S was announced today. (not the iPhone5 like it’s been touted as). Is this my next phone? But more importantly, Is this, can this be my in the field trip reporting device?  Can I update my Blog while out on adventures with this?  One device that can do it all?  Take photos, voice recordings, video and be able to type out text on an external keyboard, and have it all upload to my blog, as it happens or the same day at least?   A lot never makes it to the trip reports if it’s not gotten fresh, and after a few days new experiences overrun the old ones.  Thru my trials I found that I got to get it while the getting is good!

And can the VHF radio I’ve selected really bluetooth connect to the iPhone?  It would be really cool if it did, then I’d not have to dig out the phone every time and I could let the radio take most of the punishment from the elements.

Can I keep from destroying this device?  A waterproof box should do the job.

Anyway, I’ll put these items on my wish list for now.


About spidennis

Owner,Phoenix Boatworks Canoe Caskets, the only thing like it in the world. I also do other kinds of woodwork as well. South Padre Island Sandcastle Lesson, on Facebook, learn to build sandcastles here on SPI ! The Adventure Guy: On my various types of adventures you'll be able to follow along via my spot gps tracker/locator. Kayaking, hiking, motorcycles, sailing, or whatever else I get myself into, you'll be able follow along. This is REAL "reality tv" ! You'll also know of my day to day training and my thoughts about gearing up and designing and outfitting boats for the next race/adventure.
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