Back in training!

I’m back in training!  For what exactly I’m not sure but there’s always another trip or expedition in the near future, and if all the right cards end up in my hand I’m gonna play them!

I finished up the summer doing some really cool solo canoe trips.  They had some serious portages so my fitness is still up and I want to keep it that way!  I want to advance up to another level of fitness so I can tackle my next challenge with supreme confidence, not that I couldn’t do any of my projected expeditions this afternoon, I just want to be able to do them better.

I have places I haven’t yet pushed myself to and I’ll be exploring  those far flung reaches of my personal performance.  I don’t know what got into me today, but I did have a nice run on the beach, and a nice walk back, it was a beautiful morning leading into an equally nice afternoon.

I do have regrets that yet again I’m gonna miss a kayak/canoe race darn near in my backyard.  The Laredos Rio Fest is the weekend right before SandCastle Days and I’ll be busy working that event.  Damm!  And even though I no longer have a boat suitable I’d use my expedition sea kayak as it will be quick enough to finish, it just won’t be bringing home any hardware, but not that that really matters to me, I just want to push for farther and faster, and a race helps drive you to accomplish that.   Anyway, maybe next year for this event, besides there’s other races out there. (the Texas Water Safari is still calling for me ….. )

Then there’s the whole watertribe thing.  I was ready and set for a qualifying race earlier this year, but it got cancelled and that pretty took all the wind out of my sails.  I needed this to enter the 1200 mile Ultimate Florida Challenge in march of 2012.  I’m gonna train for it anyway, and maybe there’s a chance I can slip into the race with out the qualifier but in the end it may not fit into the budget.  With the financial crash sponsorship isn’t looking at all good and neither is my own wallet.  My own expeditions would fit the bill much better right now and it can be done much cheaper and on my own schedule.

Here’s what I’m really gearing towards, a big trip, one that will take me 3 months, one so big that I’m gonna see three countries.  I call this the Border to Border Trip, Starting on the Canadian Border on the Great Lakes, connect to the Mighty Mississippi and follow that down to the gulf, then pick up the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) and finish by doing the texas coast and ending at the Mouth of the Rio Grande River on the US and Mexico border.  I like this because I finish at my home on South Padre Island, Texas, there’s nothing like paddling home!

Everything I’ve done so far is preparing me for this trip.  I still need some gear to pull this off and I’ve started a wishlist that can be seen on the right hand side of my blog.  I plan on giving almost daily field reports on the day’s events and once I get myself an iPhone updating the blog with text, voice, photos and even video will become possible.  I’ll be looking for sponsorship for each of the items that I’ll be needing, plus there’s stuff like gas to get to Canada and back, meals and such, etc. etc.  With the iPhone I can plug my sponsors each time I use a piece of gear or eat a nice deserved meal to fuel up.  Yeah, it’s like commercials, but without sponsorship this trip might not be possible.  I’ll also have my Spot Tracker with me, as I had in all my trips since last year’s trip up the texas coast.  I plan on setting up a paypal account just for this trip so that it’s easy for anyone anywhere to help contribute to the expedition.

When can I do this trip?  I almost did it this year!  But it was still frozen up north when I wanted to start and it took awhile to thaw out, then it flooded in an epic way, even canceling the famed MR340 canoe and kayak race on the Missouri River. I’m still looking into when would be the best 3 months to do this so stay tuned …..

but back to the beginning, back to today, yeah, I’m back in training and we’ll soon see just what the future holds.


About spidennis

Owner,Phoenix Boatworks Canoe Caskets, the only thing like it in the world. I also do other kinds of woodwork as well. South Padre Island Sandcastle Lesson, on Facebook, learn to build sandcastles here on SPI ! The Adventure Guy: On my various types of adventures you'll be able to follow along via my spot gps tracker/locator. Kayaking, hiking, motorcycles, sailing, or whatever else I get myself into, you'll be able follow along. This is REAL "reality tv" ! You'll also know of my day to day training and my thoughts about gearing up and designing and outfitting boats for the next race/adventure.
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