The Chart table for Early 2014

I just finished reading the Tecate Journals by Keith Bowden about his canoe adventure down the Rio Grande River from El Paso to the Gulf and it’s inspired another trip!  Actually I’ve been eyeing this trip in the past but it’s now been brought up to the top of the list along with a few of others.

Since my far away adventures had to take a back seat I’ve been coming up with what I call backyard adventures, something where the cost and logistics would be minimal with little loss of work time and I can do at the spur of the moment, especially if done solo as that’s my normal operating mode, though there could be possible exceptions.  I’ve had a few interests lately from others wanting to do some adventures so we’ll see how that goes.

Other than kayaking and canoeing I’ll also hike and bike and got a bike trip planned, but more on that at a later time.

On Facebook I mentioned another spoil island trip similar to the one I recently did but rounding out the course a bit more.  I’d start south first and go out thru the jetties, head north til the end of hwy 100 and portage across the island and into the bay.  From there I’d head to the spoil islands and over to the other side of the Laguna Madre and down to the Brownsville Ship Channel,  Baracuda Bay and back home.  I’ve been all around the lower laguna madre but this is just putting together pieces to form up a new route.  The difference here is in the portage where I’d have to put on fatter tires on my cart to get across the deep soft sand on the gulf side and then the soft flats sand on the bay side.  This would be a two day trip with camping on the ICW spoil islands.

Around the Island.  I attempted this during the start of the Texas 200 one year.  I started at my house, out thru the jetties and finished for the day at the Port Mansfield jetties where the rest of the off shore cruisers from the Texas 200 were camped. This was all offshore.   I was to do the entire tx 200 that year but had a job that conflicted with finishing so I thought I’d just do a loop around South Padre.  The weather was against me, meaning the wind and while I could have made it back in time for the job I would have been toast in that headwind.  I’d like to time it with nicer weather, or catch a north wind on the way back?  It would all be in the timing to catch it just right.

The Arroyo Colorado.  This is a mini source to sea adventure with an ending back at my house.  I like when I can end a trip back home, where ever it’s here or in NY.  I’d like to start up by La Feria or farther west, head thru Harlingen, Rio Hondo and into the laguna madre and then make the run for home.  This would be a two day trip.

The Brownsville Ship Channel.  Still need to scout this one out, the section at the very end in Brownsville.  Is there a place to put in there so I can paddle back to my house and make it a one way trip?

Now we are at the Rio Grande trip and last night I did some internet scouting using the Tecate Journals as a guide.  I want to find the last “Rock Crossing” below the last international bridge and kayak to the Gulf, then up thru the jetties and home again.  I can get dropped off with my jeep and it can be driven back home by my shuttle driver.  Volunteers?  It’s at least 47 river miles, another 7 to Childrens Beach at Isla Blanca Park and a couple more back to the house.  Someday I’d like to do the entire river, source to sea but fear it might have to be in segments, ok, I can deal with that, I’ll do the parts as I can.  Here I can get the last part done!  I figure 60ish miles for the trip, 2 days.

The EC , the 300 mile Everglades Challenge is yet again postponed.  The Texas Water Safari?  I would already have to have a boat for that and in training, but with my backyard adventures this could be training for it.  And if not the TWS maybe the TX200?  hummm, at least I got the gear for that trip.

And then there are the rest of the Texas Rivers that I want to run so that will be interesting but I got at least something local to keep me going.  I’ll have to activate my gps Spot Tracker again soon!

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