The Fever is Back.

Every time a race starts and I’m not there a fever sets in, the burning desire to be there but plan for the next one. The 300 mile Everglades Challenge is about to begin in the morning and being this is the first race of the year it always affects me so that I can hardly think of anything else, it’s also a great wakeup call.

The EC rings in the new year of possibilities and I have a list of events that I want to do that I still haven’t done. Call it a lack of sponsorship to put it gently but I feel that this year will finally be different than the past several because my new company is about to be launched. I’ve poured everything into it so anything else took a backseat and now the time has come for changes to happen. Will I be able to carve out the time to train so I can be ready just in case the “sponsorship” part materializes? I have to!

So the next two events I have plans for are the 260 mile down river race, The Texas Water Safari and at the same time on the calendar is the Texas 200, both wildly different events. Regardless, I have to be in paddling shape! For the TWS I don’t yet have a boat but do have one picked out. The Stellar S18S, a boat with a surf ski cockpit built on a class defined kayak hull with a few important features, it’s skinny enough to be fast but it’s wide enough so that I can be safe in it when I start to get super tired and it has hatches for gear. cool. For the Texas200 I already have my Current Designs Extreme sea kayak that will do the trick though I would like to put a 1meter sail on it to extend my daily range so I can keep up with the rest of the sailing fleet. To date no one has paddled the TX200 and was successful, but I feel I have an edge because I paddle this type of water all the time and have already done the entire coast of texas once before by kayak. Later in the year is the Adirondack Canoe Classic so if can be ready by mid June I can certainly stay fit until september.

I have 3.5 months til the tws/tx200 so let’s get busy!  My kayak is always ready to go as it sits on it’s cart just waiting to be tugged down to my launching site and the weather has finally turned nice after a horrible winter season, I got a good feeling about all of this!


About spidennis

Owner,Phoenix Boatworks Canoe Caskets, the only thing like it in the world. I also do other kinds of woodwork as well. South Padre Island Sandcastle Lesson, on Facebook, learn to build sandcastles here on SPI ! The Adventure Guy: On my various types of adventures you'll be able to follow along via my spot gps tracker/locator. Kayaking, hiking, motorcycles, sailing, or whatever else I get myself into, you'll be able follow along. This is REAL "reality tv" ! You'll also know of my day to day training and my thoughts about gearing up and designing and outfitting boats for the next race/adventure.
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2 Responses to The Fever is Back.

  1. Pam Dever says:

    Dennis, Get your happy little self up here To practice for the water safari! You can always stay with us…. Good luck and keep paddling! Pam

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  2. spidennis says:

    Pam! Interesting developments in my tws pursuit, I found a Stellar Dealer in Austin! and a rep in Corpus Christi! Now I just got to get busy moving my Phoenix boats so I can get this surf ski. I wonder how my kayak is gonna take the news that she has to share me with a younger model?

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